Our Vision:

To improve the quality of life for senior Australians by providing a safe and easy way to stay connected with family, friends and local community.

Achieved through our core beliefs:

  • Treating senior Australians with respect and dignity
  • Support seniors involvement in the community
  • Providing empowerment through access & choices

About YourLink

YourLink Pty Ltd was formed in NSW, Australia in 2015 and has a presence in Orange and Sydney NSW. YourLink’s Co-founders are Rick Hollingworth and Richard Scenna, two friends of nearly 20 years who believe passionately in the benefits technology can bring to the quality of life for seniors. Rick has 20 years experience working in leading technology organisations such as Dell, Cisco and Unisys while Richard has over 16 years marketing and technology experience in organisations including PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).