Aged Care Homes and Independent Living Villages

YourLink is an award winning Australian company focussed on the digital inclusion of seniors, whether living in residential aged care, a retirement village, or their own home.

YourLink has a technology solution that allows lifestyle and wellbeing staff to support residents to connect with their family, friends and community, allowing them to share in the moments that matter the most with the people they care about.

YourLink helps your team:

  • use an iPad to connect residents with family and friends and help reduce feelings of isolation among residents;

  • easily manage the exchange of photos and messages from loved ones so residents can feel a part of those everyday moments that matter;

  • create a secure, online noticeboard to send events and updates making it easier for families to share in the home or village’s activities;

  • better understand the capability of an iPad and use it in everyday lifestyle activities that improves resident’s memory, mood and enjoyment;

  • improve staff productivity allowing them to focus on delivering better care;

  • meet the expectations of family members to be able to easily connect with their loved one;

  • prepare for the new Aged Care Quality Standards coming July 1, 2019.

Seniors will be empowered to combat loneliness and isolation when they have learnt the skills to use this tool. Several ‘Healthy Living For Seniors’ Participants who showed no interest in technology are now asking questions and seeing the possibilities.
— Kate Rose, Occupational Therapist, Uniting Kite Street Orange.

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