Aged Care Residences & Retirement Villages

Are you an aged care residence or retirement village?

YourLink is a unique, secure and private way to stay in touch with residents, families, friends and the local community. 

Why join?

  • Increase awareness of your organisation's activities.
  • Send regular and timely updates to residents and families.
  • Send private messages to residents and family members.
  • Bring your noticeboard and event flyers online.
  • Build a tailored, private photo album for each resident.
  • Connect to local service providers and interest groups.
  • Support the social inclusion for your residents. 
Seniors will be empowered to combat loneliness and isolation when they have learnt the skills to use this tool. Several ‘Healthy Living For Seniors’ Participants who showed no interest in technology are now asking questions and seeing the possibilities.
— Kate Rose, Occupational Therapist, Uniting Kite Street Orange.

Would you like to find out more about YourLink for Aged Care Residences and Independent Living Communities? Send us an enquiry and we will contact you. We'd love to talk to you. 

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