5 reasons why iPads and tablets are good for seniors

Recent research found that over 40% of people 65+ own an iPad or alternate tablet and over 58% in the 50-64 demographic own a tablet.

Here’s just 5 reasons why iPads and tablets are great technology devices for seniors.

1. Easy to learn. The great thing about this intuitive technology is that each person can learn ‘bite size’ amounts and quickly build confidence. Seniors can also download and learn apps at their own pace.


2. Portable and light. With these devices now being so lightweight and portable the traditional barriers for seniors to use technology have been significantly reduced. It is much easier to interact with a tablet than a traditional desktop setup - the tablet can go where they go.


3. Less assumed knowledge. Think about how much you take for granted when using a computer. The right click, left click, double click, cursor, windows explorer, apple finder, shortcut keys and so on. With tablets a simple tap action now replaces many of those.


4. Simple to update. One of the challenges of computers are software updates, service patches and potential conflict issues with other software. With iPads and tablets, while updates are still required, the process has become a much simpler one.


5. Easy to personalise. By downloading specific apps that are of interest, the device becomes a very personalised experience for each person. Add to this the range of functions that are now included such as changing font sizes and sounds, each iPad or tablet can work best for them.

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Any other reasons you can think of? Let us know in the comments below.