Isolation, mental health and seniors

On last Sunday’s ABC program Insiders (29/11/15), Barrie Cassidy interviewed Federal Minister for Health, Ageing and Sport, Sussan Ley. The Minister announced some significant changes in the support for people with mental health issues. Change and help is especially needed in rural areas as it is obvious that one funding solution does not fit all needs. As mentioned in the interview, low, medium and high care is needed and each of these needs to be individually tailored. Very much like person centred aged care focus.  

It was also of great interest to hear the Minister express excitement about the NDIS app, as it will be improving choice for younger Australians. This point is also very relevant for senior Australians, something our work on the YourLink app is dedicated to achieving.

The elderly suffer greatly from depression and mental health issues due to a number of factors and isolation is an ever growing contributor. Our recent discussions with respite service providers highlight that a significant numbers of seniors are encouraged to attend as they are just sitting at home not doing much. Their family members become seriously worried about their mental health.

What then happens to seniors ageing at home with no family? We should all keep that in mind and find ways to reach them.

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