12 ways to make a difference for the older people in your life during the festive season

The Christmas period can be an incredibly difficult time for a lot of people and particularly for the older population. There are many that feel quite isolated and may not have family and friends nearby. Also with the extreme heat of summer that we get in Australia, older people can feel even more isolated as the heat impacts mobility and health.


In keeping with the familiar Christmas carol, we’ve put together 12 great ways (or gifts) that will help make a difference to the older people in your life over Christmas. These ways are good at any time of the year, especially Christmas.

  1. Ring. Call to say hello and ask how they are are.
  2. Write. Send a personally written christmas card can make a person's day.
  3. Visit. Pop over for a coffee, tea or snack. Take the opportunity to look at photos together.
  4. Invite. If they feel up for it, take them out for lunch.
  5. Chat. Ask them to share their story and share some of your story to let them into your life a little.
  6. Shop. Take them shopping or do the shopping for them if they are happy for you to. We all you know how busy and overwhelming the shops can be at this time of year.
  7. Sit. Just sit and keep company. Even silence in the company of someone else can be a wonderful gift.
  8. Drive. Give them a lift if needed to an appointment, a friends place or a favourite spot they have.
  9. Help. Often they won’t ask, but offer to do anything around the home that they may need. And on Christmas Day or leading up to it, help with the food preparation and any hosting duties.
  10. Laugh. Sharing a laugh is wonderful at any age
  11. Walk. Go for a walk together outside if possible and get a dose of Vitamin D. 
  12. Be present. At a certain point it isn’t about gifts it’s about the gift of being present with someone. Whatever you do, focus on that person for those minutes, hours or day and let them know you are genuinely with them.

Share this around and comment with any other ways we may have missed.

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Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy Christmas and
New Year from us at YourLink.