How can technology help in aged care?

Image: robertprzybysz ©

Image: robertprzybysz ©

When you think of aged care you may not necessarily think of a place where the latest technology should be embraced.

This isn’t the case. To ignore technology in this environment means overlooking an incredible opportunity for connection, learning and entertainment. Whether it is a TV, computer, smart device, app, games console or Virtual Reality equipment - all can play a part in creating a stimulating and enjoyable space for the residents.

As we work with more aged care organisations we are hearing from staff that it can be a challenge determining what to try and what support is needed. The reality is that the demands and pressures on aged care staff is already high and the priority is to provide personalised attention to the residents. The paramount focus of each day is the safety, care and quality of life for every resident. When it comes to technology, what we are hearing is that it must be easy.

According to one piece of research “More than half (52%) of aged care residents have symptoms of depression, compared with 10-15% of older people living in the community.”

The research went on to say that “As well as feelings of sadness and low mood, aged care residents with depression feel uninterested in activities, hopeless about the future, guilty about the past and may desire death.”


This is where technology may help to play its part. Technology can help keep people connected, informed and entertained.

Some examples could be:

  • Building a music playlist
  • Revisiting places of interest through google maps
  • Building a personalised photo album
  • Communicating with family and friends
  • Engaging in games or activities 
  • Remaining connected to clubs or groups through regular updates.

We see part of the role of an organisation like ourselves is to help support this changing landscape for aged care residences. Technology and software providers need to be in tune with the residence and that environment.

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