Content ideas for organisations and service providers

We've put together some suggestions to help organisations and service providers get started with ideas for content.

If you need instructions on sending a broadcast notice or event out in YourLink, go to our YourLink Support page for a guide. 


  • latest newsletter available and include a link to your website

  • recent interesting post on your Facebook page and include the link to your page

  • news update, blog post or press release and include a link to your website

  • highlight a specific product or service your organisation provides and include details on how seniors can find out more

  • a paragraph about what your organisations does and link to you about page where the community can find out more

  • latest Meals on Wheels menu with a photo of the menu attached

  • monthly or updated transport schedules with a link to a website

  • monthly entertainment guides

  • course schedule

  • store promotions or discounts for seniors

  • interesting article, research or news item


  • social events and link to booking page

  • specific course or training date and link to course page on your website

  • date for information session

  • group excursions or tours 

  • any other event information

Contact Richard on 0408 742 743 or email if you need help posting content. 

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