Get to know - Carers NSW

As part of the launch of YourLink, we're helping you get to know our wonderful launch partners and service providers.

Here's our Q&A with Carers NSW.



1. Tell us a little bit about your organisation.

Carers NSW is the peak non-government organisation for carers in NSW and a member of the National Network of Carers Associations. Our focus is on improving the lives of carers.

Carers NSW works with all carers regardless of their age, location, life-stage or circumstances.

This includes those caring for individuals with support needs relating to ageing, disability, health and mental illness.

Carers NSW is based in Sydney, has a number of regional offices, and provides supports to carers across NSW.

2. What services do you offer for seniors and their families?

Carers NSW offers a range of carer support services to help unpaid family and friend carers get the practical, financial and emotional support they need.

Our range of services includes the Carers NSW Carer Line, which is operated by experienced Carer Support Officers who provide specialised information, emotional support, referrals and access to counselling and support groups for carers.

The Carer Line is available from 9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday – Friday by calling 1800 242 636. This is a free service if calling from a landline, mobile rates apply.

3. Can you share an example of how you've helped or are helping seniors in the community?

Carers NSW provides free support and referrals to over 1,900 carers per month via the Carers NSW Carer Line, many of whom are senior carers providing care for a family member or friend.

4. What's the best way for someone to contact your organisation?

Call the Carers NSW Carer Line on 1800 242 636 between 9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday – Friday.

5. Why have you joined YourLink?

Anyone at any time can become a carer and Carers NSW is committed to providing support to carers across NSW.

YourLink presents a great opportunity for Carers NSW to reach out to seniors, and their families, and keep them informed of our support services, initiatives and events.

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