Get to know - The Neighbourhood Centre Bathurst

As part of the launch of YourLink, we're helping you get to know our wonderful launch partners and service providers.

Here's our Q&A with The Neighbourhood Centre, Bathurst.


1. Tell us a little bit about your organisation.

The Neighbourhood Centre is a friendly and welcoming place encouraging community connection and involvement. If you are not sure where to go for help or you would like to become more active in the community TNC has a huge array of information about local associations, interest groups, leisure activities, self-help groups and community services.

The Neighbourhood Centre provides a number of services including Migrant Support, Community Visitors Scheme, Volunteering Bathurst, Volunteering Central West and The Neighbourhood Centre Builders.

2. What services do you offer for seniors and their families?

Services for seniors include The Neighbourhood Centre Builders which specialises in home modifications.  This service provides safe, affordable and accessible home modifications and maintenance.  The range of modifications include bathroom modifications, installing handrails, ramps both internal and external, hand held showers and widening doorways.

The Neighbourhood Centre also offers free Technology Tutoring.  This one on one tutoring assists people to learn how to use their computer, laptop or tablet and the associated software to enable people to gain skills and become comfortable using the technology.  Many people develop their skills so that they can use technology to communicate with distant family members and friends.

3. Can you share an example of how you've helped or are helping seniors in the community?

A typical example of how we can help is to assist a senior to learn how to use a tablet to communicate with family members.  New technology can be daunting for people who have not had experience with it so our friendly volunteer tutors support the person to learn just what they need to know.  One of our senior learners needed to know how to access her email as her granddaughter had sent pictures of her new daughter.  Our volunteer supported the senior to locate and open her email and view the pictures of her new great granddaughter.  We all shared the joy.

Healthy ageing is very important and we are able to assist seniors to be as independent as possible in their own homes.  A senior lady was concerned about getting down the back steps to hang out her washing but was feeling unsafe.  Our Builders team in conjunction with an occupational therapist installed a ramp to replace the steps and the resident was able to access her back yard safely.

4. What's the best way for someone to contact your organisation?

The Neighbourhood Centre can be contacted on 02 6332 4866 or email

5. Why have you joined YourLink?

YourLink is a great app for seniors and we decided to join as it is a great way to promote our services.  Knowing what services and activities are available in the community is very important to being able to live comfortably and participate in the community.

YourLink for iPad available now