Introducing the Weekly Best

We've been listening to all your great feedback about YourLink over the last several months. You've told us that YourLink is good but it would be even better with more content. 

So, here it is. We're pleased to introduce the Weekly Best. 

The Weekly Best is a collection of articles, facts and images that we have spent time to select just for our YourLink community.

Each morning, regardless of where you are in Australia, a new article or image will be posted about one of our weekly best topics. 

This means that every day of the week there will be something new in YourLink. 

Topics for the Weekly Best

  • Monday - Inspiring People
  • Tuesday - Wise Words
  • Wednesday - This Week in History
  • Thursday - Fun and Games
  • Friday - Entertainment for Me
  • Saturday - A Beautiful World
  • Sunday - Recipes

How it works

Simply download the free YourLink iPad app from the iTunes App Store and set up your account.

Then visit the Community Noticeboard to see the daily update and link to the topics you find interesting.

Once you've linked to a topic, you'll see the Weekly Best button on the YourLink app home page.


Do you have another topic you would like us to include?

We hope you find the first topics interesting. We're looking forward to adding more  in the next couple of months and making YourLink a fantastic app for you to enjoy. If you have a topic you would like us to create then contact us at

Have an article or image you would like to share?

You can also send any great articles or images that you would like to include in our weekly best to or through the feedback button in the app. We'll be sure to give you credit for it.