Launching the YourLink Photo Album

An easy to use photo album designed for seniors

Great news! One of the most requested additions to YourLink is now available. The Photo Album is now available within YourLink and suits all older people across Australia - whether living at home, independently or in an aged care residence. 

Example of YourLink photo album

Example of YourLink photo album


We all enjoy reminiscing and sharing stories and there is no better way than looking through photos. The YourLink photo album allows you to easily build a collection of your favourite photos to quickly access from your iPad. 

Photos are hosted in the cloud, meaning that where ever you are, you can access these simply by logging into the YourLink app.

This is particularly helpful for anyone who shares an iPad amongst family members or friends and for those who may be in residential care or independently living. 

For family members

The YourLink photo album is an easy, secure way to collect images and photos that mean something to your loved ones. You can attach photos to messages that can then be saved to your loved ones personalised photo album. 

Attach a photo from your iPad or from the YourLink album

Attach a photo from your iPad or from the YourLink album


How to start using the YourLink photo album

YourLink is free for all individuals and families to download. Simply download the latest version of YourLink for iPad from the App Store today.


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