Powerful documentary viewing with Alive Inside

We highly recommend a powerful documentary called Alive Inside. The documentary illustrates how technology can make a visible positive impact to the well-being for people living with dementia.

Dan Cohen, through his organisation Music and Memory, advocates the use of music therapy for people with dementia. Alive Inside follows the progress of Dan, his belief that music is an important gateway to memories and the journey navigating the introduction of this technology into aged care residences.

The movie also shows how important it is for families to be engaged and drive the adoption of technology to support our older community members, whether living at home or in aged care. If you have loved ones in aged care and would like technology used, contact the providers to express your wishes so they know.

In the clip below, you can see the impact of music for Henry. This clip was shared millions of times and helped many families to make changes for their loved ones. 


While this documentary focussed on music therapy and using an iPod, we have encountered similar challenges and benefits with introducing the use of an iPad. This technology opens up emotional, social and intellectual support that can play a vital role in the health and well-being of individuals.

We recently shared this movie with one of our aged care clients. They were so excited about the potential that they have now introduced the iPod as a way to integrate a customised playlist for residents.

Personally, we have long felt that music is an important part of life. The idea of no longer being able to listen to the music that formed a soundtrack to our lives in our later years would be devastating to us and many of our friends.

Some of the challenges we face as a community is to recognise how adaptable technology can be to supporting our well-being, regardless of age or ability. If you are interested in technology, aged care or how to support those with dementia, Alive Inside is a documentary we highly recommend you watch.

Alive Inside is available on Netflix in Australia and iTunes

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Watch the movie trailer below.