CeBIT Australia 2017

After a successful attendance at CeBIT last year, where we were recognised with a Business Technology Finalist Award, we participated in CeBIT once more this year. The three day CeBIT exhibition returned to Darling Harbour this year at the new International Convention Centre.  

A number of the visitors to our stand in start up alley appreciated the issue we were tackling and the difference we were making to the lives of seniors and their families. We spoke about YourLink being a social enterprise enabling digital inclusion for seniors, whether living in the family home, retirement village or aged care residence. 

If you would like to hear more, please contact either Rick Hollingworth on or 0447 866 437 or Richard Scenna on or 0408 742 7843.

Please find a selection of our photos from the event below. 


Official CeBIT Australia 2017 Photos Courtesy CeBIT Australia and available at