Report release: Technology Roadmap for Aged Care in Australia

The Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council (ACIITC) released the Technology Roadmap for Aged Care in Australia on the 13th June 2017. The report recognises the need for technology to underpin the delivery of aged care services and ensure independence, choice and control for consumers.

As the authors of the report state, “Technology has the potential to make the experience of ageing more positive and to radically transform the way in which people receive services and support as they grow older.” This is absolutely our experience and we could not agree more. 

A number of key challenges and recommendations were identified. These were:

  • Individual readiness: Developing skills to become technology-literate, tailoring solutions to individual capacity and providing support in the use of Assistive Technology is critical.
  • Workforce readiness: Require regular training and up skilling so that technologies are known, understood and integrated into care provisions.
  • Organisational readiness: Adoption of technology is not evident in relations to the provision of care for aged care organisations.
  • System readiness: The application of technologies to support the delivery of aged care in Australia is patchy. 

The report is essential reading for any aged care provider, technology vendor or supplier, as well as any individual. In our consultation with individuals and families, many are frustrated by the slow adoption of technology by aged care organisations. The good news is that with this report the aged care sector has research to integrate technology as part of their future strategies.

Recently, a CEO from a care organisation we work with, spoke about how important technology will be for their future strategy around workforce efficiency, market differentiation and service delivery.

For the YourLink team, this document validates many of the barriers and challenges we encounter. It also confirms why our solutions and services are creating positive ways to support older Australians, their families and care organisations.

For example, our successful Tea and Technology events are a direct response to supporting the individual technology readiness of seniors. Additionally our product development has a number of purpose built features that care organisations and individuals have requested. These solutions are designed by collaborating with individuals, organisations and the sector.  

The quote below from the report best sums up the next steps for all of us involved.

It is time for all these stakeholders to work together as the boundaries blur between care, technology and living. Co-design and collaboration are critical.
— Aged Care Technology Roadmap 2017

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View the roadmap on the ACIITC website.