Why the camera app is a great introduction to smart devices for seniors

Image source: 123RF.com/stockbroker

We are often told by younger people that mum, dad, grandma or granddad won’t use a smart device and there is no point in trying.

But here’s the thing...pretty much everyone enjoys looking at photos of the people they love and care about. There are many benefits for photos as we grow older. This is why we believe a great entry point to supporting an older person’s digital journey is to ‘demystify’ the camera app and photos.

Some of our most engaging and fun moments during our events are when we encourage seniors to explore the camera on their device. It creates great excitement and energy in the room.

We also understand that many people do not like being in photos. However, moments are to be shared, so get in those photos and capture photos that your families will treasure for many years to come.

Here are some tips for getting comfortable with the camera:

  1. Show where the front and back cameras are located. Remember when we got the photos developed from our older film cameras and we realised our fingers were covering the lens. It is the same with digital cameras but the good thing is that photos can easily be deleted.

  2. Take a selfie and get the family, children or grandchildren to be in the photo. Make it a fun experience. By practicing you may capture a beautiful, spontaneous moment. Some of the most treasured photos we have are the ones where we were exploring the selfie camera or took a quick photo. Remember, you can easily delete the photos you don’t like.

  3. Ideally use the person’s own device and use it in their own environment as it is a good simple way to start interacting and getting comfortable with it.

  4. Encourage the individual to practice pointing and taking the photo. When you’re at home take photos of the TV, flowers or outside in the garden.

  5. Show how you can improve photos with the edit, filter and crop tools and even how to markup an image with comments.

  6. Most of the camera apps have a self timer on them so try it out and explain why it could be useful.

  7. Explore the video function within the camera app. Particularly with kids and grandkids, engage with the video together and have some fun.

  8. Give ideas for how the camera can be used for a lot of things, not just photos of people. Some examples include taking photos of product labels, gift ideas when at the shops, medication bottles, places or inspiration. If someone has poor memory, this could also be very helpful. Take a look at our 7 useful iPhone and iPad tips for some ideas.

As with all digital experiences talk about security and privacy and don’t take photos without someone’s permission.

By getting comfortable with all these things it will also really help when using FaceTime or Video calling.

Good luck and enjoy creating those memories. Let us know how you go or any other tips you have.