YourLink and Community Options Australia announce Strategic Partnership

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YourLink and Community Options Australia are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between the two organisations. The synergy between Community Options Australia and YourLink has the potential to create interesting solutions to the coming challenges. With a shared focus for making a positive difference for our community in a sustainable way, the two organisations aim to collaborate on projects to continue to improve the quality of life for senior Australians and people living with a disability through digital inclusion.

With smart devices estimated to reach 81% of the Australian population by 2017 there is an opportunity to use technology to further support service delivery in the community.

Smart devices are shaping our lives and have an important impact for our independence and wellness and how we positively age.

Technology is part of our everyday life and can lead to distinct outcomes around improved health and wellbeing, reduced isolation, positive ageing and ongoing contribution.  

Jane Crowe, Executive Director, Community Options Australia and Rick Hollingworth, Co-Founder, YourLink.

Jane Crowe, Executive Director, Community Options Australia and Rick Hollingworth, Co-Founder, YourLink.


By partnering together with YourLink, Community Options Australia will greatly expand the level of expertise and knowledge to support the integration of technology to benefit the community care ecosystem and the community at large.

“The team at YourLink offer unique solutions to benefit consumers, but also understand the broader challenges facing the sector and have considered the benefits that technology can offer the workforce. We need to work smarter and stay ahead of the technology curve, and we want to work with organisations that challenge us. At the same time, YourLink share our values and collaborative work style.” Jane Crowe, Executive Director, Community Options Australia.

The YourLink Co-Founders, Rick Hollingworth and Richard Scenna, are social entrepreneurs focused on improving the connection of seniors with family, friends and the local community. This is achieved through their co-design and collaborative approach to developing and integrating technology.

As Rick Hollingworth says, “To partner with an impressive, forward thinking organisation like Community Options Australia, creates exciting and innovative opportunities to make a difference for seniors and people living with a disability.”


About YourLink

YourLink Pty Ltd is focussed on the digital inclusion of seniors, whether living in the family home, aged care residence or retirement village. The award-winning YourLink platform includes a free app designed for seniors to connect with family, friends and the local community. The app is designed with seniors for seniors.

YourLink works in the community and with aged care and community organisations to deliver digital inclusion activities supporting older Australians. Clients include Adssi HomeLiving Australia, LiveBetter, Hardi Aged Care and Anglican Care Australia.

YourLink is an Apple Authorised Reseller, a member of the Apple Consultants Network, a Be Connected partner and a Stay Smart Online partner.

About Community Options Australia

Community Options Australia is a not-for-profit organisation, with the purpose of providing innovative solutions to connect and enable people to access community care choices, to remain independent in their own homes. This brings together organisations across the diversity of the community care sector, to create economies of scale, flexibility, and a community of best practice. This unique model, separate from direct service delivery, is built on technology and collaboration.

Community Options Australia has a reputation for excellence in contract management, assessment and case management, and acts as a budget holder and lead contractor for a range of State and Federal Government programs. This includes the delivery of the Commonwealth Department of Health's Regional Assessment Services (RAS) and Continuity of Support (CoS) Individual Support Packages, as well as the NSW Health ComPacks program.