YourLink Smart Device Skills for Aged Care and Community Care

Are you interested to find exciting new ways to use an iPad to innovate and inspire your wellness and lifestyle programs?

Our research is telling us that organisations in the aged care and community sector are exploring how to use technology to enhance the experience of residents, clients and their families so they are more connected, empowered and engaged. That's where we come in - we've got a way to help accelerate both the learning and the impact organisations can have in their digital journey. 

We help Lifestyle, Wellbeing and Community Care teams with using an iPad to support individuals and families feel more connected, more engaged and less isolated. 

Our programs support Residential Aged Care and Community Care providers to:

  • Empower and enable your teams to support the digital inclusion of residents
  • Enhance your customer value proposition to attract new residents
  • Improve the care experience and wellbeing of current residents and reduce loneliness risks
  • Provide practical tools to build the confidence of family members in your commitment to their loved ones and their connection to them
  • Achieve Australian Aged Care Quality Agency’s (AACQA) accreditation
  • Support Wellness and Reablement activities as part of Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

Smart Device Skills Workshop

This three hour workshop is delivered by our Apple Consultant Network accredited staff and has been designed specifically for Lifestyle, Wellness and Recreational Activities Officers or Community Care Staff. We'll come to you and deliver the workshop so it's easy for your team to attend. Our general guide is up to 8 of your team could be involved.


After the workshop attendees will have improved skills to:

  • Greater confidence in the use of the iPad generally
  • Insights into how to use the device to enable improved connectedness for residents and their families
  • Navigate multiple apps that will aid with the support of individuals
  • Create content using the iPad or iPhone 
  • Personalise the device using accessibility features to make it easier to use
  • Use an iPad or iPhone to improve the connectedness for residents and their families

Price: Only $2,495 + GST per workshop

Bonus: At the end of the workshop, attendees will receive our free eBook - 63 Apps and Tips for Wellbeing Programs in Aged Care. This will help your team to quickly get started with new and interesting activities.


Contact us today to schedule a workshop for your aged care home or community care organisation. 

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