What we do matters

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We’re very proud of what we do at YourLink. Our belief is that everyone deserves a quality of life that includes happiness, sense of purpose and a feeling of being valued.

As we age we risk becoming isolated and losing those experiences.

We think that the best way to create this quality of life is through connection with family, friends and community that is real-time and helps retain the experience of day to day moments.

We know what we do matters and that these small moments lead to bigger and life-changing moments for people.

Here's 30 examples of how we have made a difference.

  1. Mid 70’s man who has embraced his new phone and now plays solitaire to keep his mind active.
  2. 70’s yr old woman who found herself in hospital for several weeks over her birthday and was able to read birthday wishes via text messages and felt loved.
  3. Resident in aged care who saw photos of a grandchild for the first time.
  4. Elderly Brother and Sister located on opposite sides of the world who were able to FaceTime for the first time.
  5. Niece who saw photos of her Aunt overseas who she hadn’t seen in person for over 60 years.
  6. Gentleman who moved into aged care and was able to continue to playing Bridge from his iPad.
  7. Woman who was now able to follow the rugby news and information online.
  8. Older Man who tapped his foot in acknowledgement when shown photos on an iPad that were personal to him.
  9. Older Woman who sent first text message to a friend and received an immediate response. To which she joyously and beautifully remarked “Does that mean she’s thinking of me now?”
  10. Grandmother who saw photos of grandchildren on an overseas holiday.
  11. Son who feels more connected to his mother in aged care home by seeing the photos of the activities she’s taken part in.
  12. Facility manager who introduced an iPad into the Lifestyle and Wellbeing program and opened up the possibilities for greater fun and engagement.
  13. Community care staff who felt more empowered to show the benefits of technology to their clients during services.
  14. 200 plus Seniors who have attended Tea and Technology events to learn more about using smart devices. 
  15. CEO who wanted to create an engaging activities program through the use of technology.
  16. Recreational Activities Officer (RAO) who can now show photos and video on the bigger TV using Apple TV and has created a joyful shared experience for residents.
  17. Diversional Therapist who can now easily keep family members up to date digitally with the monthly activities and programs.
  18. Diversional Therapist at an Aged Care Home who can easily send photos to family members of loved ones participating in activities
  19. Son who reconnected with mother after seeing photos from the aged care home
  20. Grandmother who was able to experience a wedding on the other side of the country through an iPad.
  21. Grandmother who saw photos of Grandkids participating in community events.
  22. Occupational Therapist who saw first hand the change in a resident through the use of technology.
  23. CEO who was able to introduce iPads to their clients in the community.
  24. The local Seniors club who wanted to get the message out about their program and activities.
  25. Recently widowed woman who found technology as a way to reconnect with the community.
  26. Elderly woman who found a way to use technology to find knitting and crochet patterns.
  27. Elderly man who learnt how to customise the iPhone to make life a bit easier with larger fonts and increased brightness.
  28. Man in aged care who saw footage on YouTube from the 1950’s of an event that he’d taken part in on the other side of the world. His memory of the event came back through each moment of the footage.
  29. Older man with limited eyesight who was able to read the paper and packaging labels by using accessibility features.
  30. Daughter of an aged care resident who could stay in touch with her mum and the lifestyle team through the YourLink app and feel a little better.

And we’re just getting started.

To discuss how we can help your organisation support your residents, clients and families, please contact YourLink Co-Founder, Rick Hollingworth via email or on 0447 866 437.