Everyone can be a source of inspiration... including you!

We still often hear that seniors or lifestyle staff are apprehensive to learn more about technology as they are unconvinced how they may benefit from it.

To be inspired is a very individual thing. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of inspiration is: “The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”  The key words are about the stimulation to do or feel something.


Our belief is that inspiration can come from anyone and can happen anytime. While our family and friends may be the most likely source, it can also come from a passing conversation, interaction or exposure to new ideas. We expect our leaders to be inspirational, but do we expect this from ourselves? To inspire others is something that any person can do and everyone has a part to play.

We hear this from the generous feedback at our events:

YourLink Tea and Technology_Feedback_Web_Mar19.png

Organisations, and the valuable staff that work there, have an important role in motivating their clients and each other. Never underestimate how much you can be a source of inspiration for the people around you. Particularly now, at a time when there is so much focus with the Royal Commission, it may feel challenging. But we know there are many, many inspiring people working in the sector.

Some examples of where our personal inspiration comes from include:

  • our own families and friends who champion the values and impact we strive for;

  • the room full of seniors who are enjoy learning and seeing the transformation it makes to their view of technology;

  • the families who tell us the difference it makes to them and their loved ones;

  • the staff in the sector who feel empowered to integrate what they learn into their daily roles to inspire the clients they care for; and

  • the management teams who acknowledge the culture change for seniors, families and staff around digital inclusion.

The YourLink team loves nothing more than inspiring the community that we are a part of. As part of the YourLink app we post content about Inspiring People, which have included international, national and local individuals doing great things. We know that many people enjoy words of wisdom, so our Wise Words content includes quotes. A small selection can be found below.


Our goal is to be part of the wave that creates a positive ripple effect of change to digital inclusion for seniors. We hope that the attendees at our events, our partners and our clients can see this.

If you need help inspiring your team with digital programs, contact Richard on 0408 742 743 or email richard@yourlink.com.au