What is a Managed Service and why is it an asset for the aged care sector?

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There is currently a lack of digital skills across the aged care workforce and limited digital adoption within the delivery of services. In fact, the Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council (ACIITC) developed the aged care technology roadmap in 2017 and highlighted 4 keys challenges and recommendations. These were:

  • Individual readiness: Developing skills to become technology-literate, tailoring solutions to individual capacity and providing support in the use of Assistive Technology is critical.

  • Workforce readiness: Require regular training and upskilling so that technologies are known, understood and integrated into care provisions.

  • Organisational readiness: Adoption of technology is not evident in relation to the provision of care for aged care organisations.

  • System readiness: The application of technologies to support the delivery of aged care in Australia is patchy.

In the aged care and community sector, where pressure on managing cost is high and digital adoption is quite low, a managed service may well be the ideal solution necessary to meet the modern expectations from individuals and their families for digital integration.

So what is a managed service and why could it be the ace in the toolkit for aged care providers during this time of change?

A managed service is essentially the outsourcing of a clearly defined suite of products and services to improve your operations and efficiency.

A well structured managed service gives organisations the flexibility to adapt as requirements evolve.

Your organisation, staff and the clients you support can easily access industry leading expertise and up to date technology with quality support. For example, you can get access to a pool of the latest Apple devices, the expertise to keep them up to date and distribute apps, as well as additional resources to teach your staff and clients how to better use them.

This is particularly powerful during this current climate within the aged care sector. With the Royal Commission, new Aged Care Standards coming in July 2019, customer expectations around digital connectivity and an increasingly competitive landscape for providers, a managed service can be an incredibly cost-effective and powerful approach to scale your organisations’ resources to meet this demand.

Whether your organisation provides care in the family home, village or an aged care residence, digital inclusion is an essential part of your current and future service delivery. Lifestyle, wellbeing and communication forms a crucial part of Quality of Life programs.

It is critical for your organisation to have a reliable digital component integrated and the complementary skills to support these needs to help you stand out amongst your peers.

The recently announced YourLink Involve solution is a managed service that we’ve purpose built to fit the aged care sector. YourLink Involve brings together our unique expertise in digital inclusion and wellbeing with access to Apple devices.

Read more here about YourLink Involve.

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