Highlights for seniors and the aged care sector from WWDC 2019

Image Source: Apple WWDC 2019

Image Source: Apple WWDC 2019

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2019 was held from 3rd June - 7th June 2019 in California.

WWDC sets the direction for the next wave of Apple Development. While the audience for these events are primarily developers and technology buffs, the impact of the announcements flow through to the whole Apple user community with updates arriving to our devices in the later part of the year.

There were a number of exciting announcements and we believe there are some great ones for seniors and the aged care community.

1. Announcement of iPadOS.


Up until this point, iPhones and iPads have essentially been running the same operating software (iOS). Apple has now announced that the iPad will be getting its own operating software called iPadOS. This may initially sound confusing to non tech savvy people and those in the aged care community, however the positive thing is that it means that the iPad will move to getting a truly tailored experience. The iPad has long been a great smart device for seniors and it will now get even better.

Photos and photo management have been some of the most demanded functions that seniors want to learn about at our Tea and Technology events. With iPadOS, there are two features announced that are particularly useful.

  • Plug in drives - you can plug in thumb drives, SD cards and external drives which will automatically show in the Files app.

  • Camera support - you can plug in a camera directly to the iPad and import photos allowing editing.

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2.  iOS 13 announced.

A long list of new features were announced for iOS 13, the latest release of software that powers iPhones.

  • The Reminders app, which is a handy app for seniors to use, has been updated. Just type what you want and Reminders will know when and where to notify you.

  • New “Photos” tab in the Photos app makes it easier for browsing and organising photos as well as more powerful editing tools for photos.

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3. Apple Watch updates in WatchOS 6.

The latest WatchOS 6 will have an App Store specific for the Apple Watch. This means finding apps designed specifically for the WatchOS will be much easier to discover. Apple has also announced the Noise app that helps users understand the sound levels in environments such as concerts and sporting events that could negatively impact hearing.

Apple Watches may not seem like an obvious fit for seniors. However, with previous announcements around Fall Detection, greater Siri integration and Emergency SOS, as well as these latest updates, Apple continues to make the Apple Watch an attractive wellness device that can seamlessly support the ongoing independence desired by seniors to live at home longer.

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For those of you that are technology minded, this article gives an overview of the top stories from WWDC 2019.

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