Partnering and collaborating is the key for aged care in Australia

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Partnering is one of the most important words we should all be using if we are to meet the aged care challenges now and in the future.

Why is this important? No single organisation, individual or government body can make ageing better on their own.

Our belief is that the only way to overcome the resource challenges for the sector and the opportunities technology presents is by everyone working together.

So many of us are talking about it and a critical part of this problem solving is the ability to constructively engage diverse thinking and skills in the exploration to find solutions. How we collaborate and share will support the community now and in the future to live the best lives possible and ensuring it is beyond just clinical care.  

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What this means is that:

  • individuals must talk to other individuals;

  • our neighbours need to look out for each other;

  • families must work together, and with care providers to care for loved ones;

  • organisations must ensure staff, families, government and other service providers have skills and knowledge as part of their care network to deliver optimum care; and

  • government needs to partner with organisations, both established and new, to continue to bring change and innovation to the sector.

When it comes to ‘AgeTech’ , YourLink are leaders at ensuring the human element remains at the core of creating solutions for the older community. Building networks and partnerships that create value are an essential part of scaling AgeTech businesses.

Particularly as technology and digital transformation continues to take place, learning from other sectors gives valuable insight.

Think about the examples that you may take for granted...

  • On the one hand Apple and Microsoft are competitors but are also partners; likewise Samsung and Apple; and Google and Microsoft.

  • The airline sector is another example. Airlines may be competitors in some markets but have developed codeshare and loyalty agreements for others.

  • This also takes place in traditional print media in Australia, where fierce competitors News Corp and Fairfax Media (now known as Nine) share printing facilities in NSW.

Successful partnerships need a win-win approach and room to explore and evolve.

A focus on partnering has been at the core of YourLink since we began. We started by co-designing the YourLink app with seniors and have successfully collaborated with aged care providers to bring digital inclusion to their clients.

By becoming an Apple Authorised Reseller, Apple Consultant Network member, Apple Finance Partner, Be Connected Network Partner and Stay Smart Online partner, we’ve focussed on ways we can partner to achieve more to support seniors, their families and the organisations we work with.

We’re excited by the opportunities that are developed to support seniors by continuing to collaborate with aged care organisations, government and other start-ups.

Contact us if you would like to have a conversation about this. Or call Rick Hollingworth on 0447 866 437.

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