Think about your Digital Legacy

Image Source: Canva

Image Source: Canva

With the explosion of online services, social media and smart devices, we are now generating vast amounts of digital content and building our digital footprint. This means we also have to consider what we want to happen with this information or the impact on our partner after we are no longer here. 

Our digital legacy is the information available online related to us following our death. It’s both the information we have created as well as what may be created by others.

Being digital participants in a modern world means having the knowledge to do so safely and in a way that suits your life. 

Sadly, we’ve had people come along to our events where the husband or wife has passed away and now the remaining partner needs to pick up the digital activities. In many cases, they are locked out of the iPad or smart device and don’t even know where to start. 

A common situation we see is that older couples have set up a shared email address that they use as a couple to communicate with friends and family as well as being the base for key digital accounts. In the modern digital world, if you don’t have access to that main email address, then it can literally disconnect you from operating in an online world. 

As we set up Wills, Estates and wishes, we now need to include aspects of our digital legacy. For example: Facebook lets users nominate a contact who can then manage your memorialised account or remove it. It would be important for them to know exactly what your wishes are. 

Here are some useful links around the topic that may help you to start thinking about it:

We’d encouraged everyone, regardless of age, to have a think about their wishes and digital legacy. Particularly for those people who are part of a couple, ensure that both of you understand how everything is set up so they can remain connected to their social networks, financial and important online accounts. 

Note: Please get expert advice from your legal, financial or other key advisors, as any content provided in this article is purely informational.