Just some of the feedback we're hearing

YourLink is an innovative, responsive solution developed out of love to meet an identified need. It helps reduce social isolation for older Australians and their carers by connecting them to their region’s activities, events and services. A great simple resource and a great service! A must to connect all!
— Elena Katrakis, CEO, Carers NSW
In all, the YourLink app is a new innovative way to engage seniors in their community whilst providing them with valuable information of services that they can use to meet their needs, and it’s user friendly format shows consideration for the intended target market.
— Jess Baker, Community Activities Program, Dubbo Neighbourhood Centre.
Seniors will be empowered to combat loneliness and isolation when they have learnt the skills to use this tool. Several ‘Healthy Living For Seniors’ participants who showed no interest in technology are now asking questions and seeing the possibilities.
— Kate Rose, Occupational Therapist, Uniting Kite Street, Orange.
The ease with which the YourLink app can support both a Residence and the individual residents of a nursing home, assisted living community or a memory care community, is impressive. My work has centred around individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease and other sources of dementia, and YourLink seems well adapted to their needs and capacities.
— Cathy Greenblat, Retired Professor of Sociology, Active Photographer specialising in dementia and end of life care, USA.
Although this is a reasonably new app, the community information is proving to be very useful. A lot of thought has gone into the setting up of the app, and our people do like the idea of being able to share the community information with their family and friends.
— Cecily Butcher, President, U3A Orange.
We promote the use of YourLink to both older people living in the community and to organisations that want to connect with them. It’s proving really useful, not only as a social and community connection tool, but also as a technology training tool.
— Dr. Gregory Dresser, Senior Manager Research and Evaluation, CareWest.