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Recent ABC research about smartphone usage provides an interesting insight into phone use and sentiment across the generations. A majority of the older respondents consider the phone to be a key to freedom, feel more connected and rarely use the smartphone while on the toilet. The same can not be said for the younger generation.

More than 14,000 people took part in the survey during August 2017. Dr Lynette Vernon and Ms Bep Uink from Murdoch University, and Dr Kathy Modecki from Griffith University have started looking at the results.

The research backs up what we find in our work at YourLink. Seniors are more purposeful with how technology is used and how it integrates into their lives. Read our previous article where we highlight how technology is used differently by seniors to the younger generation.

There are a number of fascination questions. We’ve selected a couple of key results here.


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What do you think about the research? Does it reflect how you or your family use your phone?