Infusing digital into wellbeing programs for seniors

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As the issue of the wellbeing of older Australians comes further into focus, there is growing recognition of the essential role digital now plays. 

For seniors, having meaningful connection to the community around them is a crucial factor in maintaining a positive quality of life. We are hearing directly from them that they have a desire to be active participants in the modern, digital world. This desire, however, is outpacing the response from the community and organisations in the sector. 

Organisations who enable access to technology in the context of seniors and their needs will add to their competitive value proposition and service offering. This is not only relevant for aged care organisations but also true in a broader health and service context. 

The reality is that many organisations still aren’t sure where to start or how to approach a digital program. 

This is where we can help. 

Many of you know us for the YourLink app and our events for seniors. The YourLink team are also digital consultants for the aged care and health sector. YourLink provides expertise to co-design digital programs for clients that can rejuvenate your wellbeing, social inclusion and health programs. 

Our programs are designed to empower your teams with practical skills that can make a difference and have a role at any stage of care and for any ability.

The successful YourLink Tea and Technology events can be tailored to suit your clients or staff. Over 1200 people have attended these events with 96% saying they would recommend to family and friends, 96% would attend another event like it and over 90% say they have learnt something in that session. 

YourLink is the leading Apple Consultant for aged care focused on improving the Quality of Life of seniors through digital inclusion. This is achieved through our collaborative approach to developing programs that suit residential aged care, villages or for the community. 

Members of the YourLink team are also Apple Accessibility experts and Apple Teachers.

Does your wellbeing program need a digital lift? Do your staff and clients need inspiration with where to start?  

Contact us to help you bring your wellbeing programs to life. Contact Rick Hollingworth on 0447 866 437 or via Alternatively use the form below.


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